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Tobias is a longtime friend and my first choice for compelling info architecture, graphics, and websites (yes, he also created this webpage:).

Esther is a graphist and enthusiastic film maker. She is my longtime collaborator for video and documentary productions.

Lucas and Seraina are illustrators, graphic designers and science communicators. We like to work together when complex content needs to be communicated in a comprehensible way through visual storytelling (e.g. multimedia feature on One Health).


Treibhaus is our monthly podcast on topics related to the climate crisis. We are a group of journalists from Switzerland and Germany who believe, that a more sustainable world needs constructive reporting and new narratives.

I am part of a team of freelance journalists who produce the One World magazine for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). We provide background information on global development and cooperation between countries in the South and  the North.


My office is located at the Werkraum Warteck pp in Basel. It is an old brewery packed full of interesting people and cultural activities and provides me with a perfect working environment. I have been a member of the steering committee of the Werkraum since 2020, where I am responsible for culture and communication.

The Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ) brings together journalists who cover scientific topics and who are interested in an ongoing exchange with researchers and academia. I have been a member of the steering committee since 2022 and I am responsible for international relations.

Real 21 supports quality journalism on important global development issues, that often go unreported. My work has been co-funded by the fund on several occasions.